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About Me

I’m a woman who is into plenty of fetishes. I don’t know exactly how it started, but I noticed that I get excited by “strange” things and found that those are called kinks and fetishes. So, I started to search and found more and more about those secret taboos people were addicted. It started to fascinate me, and quite quickly I found that I’m addicted to almost too many kinks!

On that journey, I met very thrilling and interesting people from all around the world. No one believes if I tell you very well knows persons I have discussed with, and what they like. Of course, I’m not going to reveal such things it’s all about trust.

I understood what the huge world there is next to the normal – filled with kinks and fetishes, passion and excitement. I figured out that I want to push people into the same world I found so exciting. So, I do it through my UK dating and USA dating businesses, through which I help people to find good matches no matter into what they are from BDSM and bondage to swinging and findom & femdom. Of course, I have also options for quite “normal” people, but ultimately most of us are not so normal!

I started this “club” or fetish blog to share my knowledge, spread the good, and please myself. One of my kinks is that I love to finger myself while I’m writing something exciting, like some blog posts about fetishes, etc.

I’ve been always dominant and figured out early that I like dominating men and women, so I’m a bi-domme, and I’m also a Findom and Princess. Financial domination may sound a bit crazy for many, but it’s a very rewarding way of power exchange. It’s more effective than bondage because it’s mind bondage! Through findom, I’ve met even more exciting people. So, don’t be afraid to apply to become my paypig, if you dare. You can contact me using the form, but read the small print, you know dommes are rude, especially findommes!

I’m still on the journey until the end of the day!
Welcome to my kink world!

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