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Become My Paypig

Are you looking for becoming a pay pig or money slave? I love to take advantage of and exploit men financially.

The paypig application process starts by sending your Goddess the tribute. That’s the absolute requirement. After the tribute, you may contact your Princess and express your subtle willingness to become my paypig or money slave. If I accept your application after the review and discussion with you, you may be rewarded with the unique opportunity to submit to Princess Juliabi, and become the property of the Goddess. Before applying, please read this page thoroughly.

Understand, I’m not an ordinary “findom” selling my body or soul

The first thing to understand is that I’m not like most Twitter findoms who serve their paypig’s desires by sharing photos or videos of the bodies. No way, I’m the real Goddess, you are going to serve me, and not vice versa. If you are here looking for sexy content, then you can continue your desperate search, as your application gets rejected immediately. So, be clear about your intentions, if they are unfit with me, better to go and find some cheap bitch who licks your wallet.

Understand, I don’t need your money, but it turns me on

If you think that you can interact with the Goddess without remarkable tributes, you can continue your search. I don’t need your bloody bucks, I live already in financial freedom, and I have my dating businesses, etc. generating well enough money to support my lifestyle.

However, I get turned on by being a Findom and taking control of my pay pigs finances. Being a Findom is essentially a way to please myself. Receiving tributes turns me on. So, the Goddess is somehow addicted to money, it’s one of the many fetishes I’m into. So, if you like the idea that the Goddess gets pleased by your tributes, then your application has a good chance to get accepted.

However, don’t get me wrong. That I’m addicted to money, doesn’t mean that you can buy me. No way! You can test me if you dare. Send me a one million dollars, and say a one wrong word, and you will never hear from me again. So, it’s better to understand how to communicate respectfully from the very beginning while remembering always your position.

Building a long-term findom relationship

If you are looking for some short-term fun, I’m not for you. I’m the princess looking for long-term paypigs and money slaves who serve my desires years after years. It’s going to cost you a lot of money and you’re required if not to have it already but at least you need to be willing to cultivate an ultimate submissive mind towards your Goddess. Don’t be worried about that, as I will train your mind if I find you to be a good candidate to become a paypig or money slave.

Becoming a pay pig

Paypig enjoys serving findom by giving tributes, gifts, and control of their finances. I’m welcoming applications from pay pigs, and I understand fully that you might not be ready to give full control of your finances immediately. But I can ensure, during a years-long findom relationship it happens ultimately. So, you should think, if you’re ready for that? However, as I said it’s not necessary right away, just be ready to tribute to your Goddes in a very generous way from the start. That’s what’s your position, and that’s the only reason why paypigs exist.

Becoming money slave

Money slave is a different thing compared to paypig. Both roles include tributes and giving control of finances, but in addition to those, money slaves like to be humiliated in various ways. I’m welcoming also money slaves, and there are many ways to humiliate them verbally and by other means. It’s important to know if that’s what you are looking for. I like money slaves, because I like humiliate also. Don’t ask why, I just like it, maybe it’s a one way to please my dirty mind.

Becoming chastity money slave

One of the biggest turns on for me is a pay pig or money slave wearing a chastity belt. It makes it sure that money slave thinks almost always the Goddess, i.e. myself. Furthermore, paypig can’t masturbate or can’t even have an erection as the chastity belt makes both impossible. So, the pay pig remains sexually totally under my strict control. Controlling my slaves through finances and chastity are the things that turns me on and pleases me.

In the rare cases, I may allow unlocking the belt, and giving permission to cum, but it is going to cost dearly for the sub. And of course, the sub gets locked back to the chastity belt. In long term, this makes any sub very devoted to the Goddess as you are unable to forget me, and the belt forces you to think me continuously, as you really should! It turns me on, knowing that there are around the world pay pigs locked in chastity and devoting their money and thoughts to their Goddess.

Becoming blackmailed paypig

If that’s something that turns you on, we may have something in common. You can discuss your desires with me after applying. The most common forms of that include providing me with some compromising material about yourself. After that you have no way back anymore. Obviously, that’s not for everyone, and you should be really clear with yourself if you’re ready for such a total control.

Be honest for your Findom

Be honest with your answers, because if you are not, and I discover it later, I will immediately abandon you. The honesty towards your Goddess is the most important building block for a long-term financial domination relationship.

If you think that you can fulfill my requirements, send the tribute and apply now to become a paying pig or money slave and pay for your queens life!

How to send tribute to Princess Juliabi

If you are wondering how big the first tribute should be, use common sense. In other words, I don’t need your pennies, I want that the amount is somehow remarkable for you, and you feel sacrificing and financially exploited from the very beginning. So, use that as guidance.

Tribute through Ko-fi (TBA)

Tribute through Patreon (TBA)

Tribute using Niteflirt (TBA)

Tribute using cryptocurrencies directly to my wallets

If you are familiar with cryptos, I strongly advice sending tribute using them. It guarantees your Goddess receives the full amount you sent without any middlemen fees. If cryptos are new for you, I suggest reading my article about crypto findom.

Send ETH or any ERC20 tokens to:


Send Bitcoin to:


Send BSC BEP-20 tokens such as BNB or BUSD to:


I use cash from my pay pigs & money slaves to pay my lifestyle

How to send the application to become a paypig

After sending the tribute, you can contact me using your favorite method: Twitter DM, Telegram, or contact form. Make sure your application includes details about the tribute you sent, if that is missing, I’m going to ignore your message.

Include on your free-form application at least the following information (if you leave even a one point unanswered, you’ll not hear back from me):

  • How you sent the tribute, the amount and the date?
  • Your age?
  • Your country of residence?
  • Name or nickname?
  • Your social media account/accounts?
  • Role in which you are applying: (Paypig, Money slave, Chastity money slave or something else?)
  • Short introduction of yourself.
  • Do you have earlier experiences being a pay pig?
  • What you are looking for from a findom relationship?
  • What are your fetishes?
  • Dislikes?
  • What is your relationship status?
  • What is your monthly income?
  • How much you can spend monthly on tributes?
  • Will you send tribute daily/weekly or monthly?
  • Why I should accept your application?
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