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Chastity discussion & questionnaire


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The first step to get chastised is to submit the chastity questionnaire for your Goddess and have a discussion about the topic with your Dominatrix. Although, this is not mandatory step to get locked on a chastity, but this is strongly recommended. The purpose is to find out what are your wishes and to get to know each other.

The chastity applicant will receive:

  • Questionnaire to fill in (pdf document, with instructions).
  • The applicant will be able to access the material through the “My Account” page for 90 days. However, the Goddess expects timely answers from the applicant.
  • The Goddess will answer with comments and may ask further questions if necessary.
  • After reviewing the questionnaire, we will have a messaging session where we discuss exactly what you’re looking for. This allows us to establish boundaries and limits for your caging and to get to know each other.

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