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Chastity Keyholder Service


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Are you looking for a keyholder for chastity? Look no further! Princess Juliabi keeps your cock strictly locked in the chastity cage without mercy. There are several ways to control remotely that slave stays locked. Chastity keyholder service works with all of the locking methods below. If you wish to get locked and controlled by Goddess Juliabi, order this service. Please note, you will need also a lock and cage, if you don’t have those, you can order also those from me at the same time.

This is not to get locked and forget service. No way, I enjoy knowing you are under my control, and I will keep the leash tight. You will remember your position as a chastity slave every day not only because you feel the chastity cage around your cock constantly, but also because I require my slave to submit photo/video proof daily.

This chastity package includes:

  • Cock caging and uncaging messaging session (you are required to send a photo or video proof).
  • You are required to send daily check-in photo/video proof as long as you are chastised.
  • Goddesses may ask for extra proof at any time, which you must deliver quite instantly.

You can choose your cage and method of locking. Below are some good options. I recommend the chastity app.

  • APP Controlled Chastity Keyholder
  • Cellmate app-controlled remote chastity cage
  • Key Lock Box + timer lock or disposable plastic lock
  • Chastity Cage Key Tube Safe + timer lock or disposable plastic lock

You will need also a chastity cage. Below are some good options.

Choose the length how long you should stay locked. Consider carefully, because the Goddess will not give mercy, you will stay locked full-time, period. However, you have an option for emergency release. If you use it and wish to get locked again, you will need to start the process from the beginning, and you are required to pay a contractual penalty payment of $100 for breach of contract. The same penalty applies if you don’t submit the daily proof or fail to provide extra proof when I require it.

The price of chastity keyholding is $10 per day, $50 a week, or $200 per month.

If you wish to get chastised for example only for three days, add a one-day chastity key holding to the cart three times (total of $30). If you wish to be chastised for three months, add a one-month key holding to the cart three times (total of $600).


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