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Remote House Arrest & Prison Guard Service


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Imagine how it feels to be confined to house arrest, required to share GPS location regularly with the guard and provide photo/video proofs for your Dominatrix. You have no way to cheat. To make it more extreme, you may be required to wear wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs locked with self-bondage timer locks. 

Also, other bondage gear can be used to control the prisoner, such as a locking collar with a chain, a chastity cage, and an ever-orange prisoner uniform.

The prisoner is required to share the location with the guard (Dominatrix Juliabi) through the location-sharing app. You will be required to send the tracking link not once but for example every hour, or even more often. The guard can monitor your location in real-time. You are required to re-send the tracking link to verify that you are not trying to cheat by leaving your phone at the home.

The guard may require that the prisoner sends also extra links whenever the guard decides, so better to be next to your phone and at the correct location! Of course, the prisoner is also required to send photo/video/live proof. The location-sharing app the guar uses to monitor you is free and available from Apple (iOS) store and Google Play (Android).

House arrest extras may include for example:

  • Wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are locked with self-bondage timer locks.
  • Chastity cage locked with self-bondage timer lock.
  • Steel handcuffs & leg cuffs, the key on the lock box.

The price of remote house arrest/prison is $5 per hour, $50 a day, or $200 per week.

If you wish to be on house arrest or prisoner for example only for three hours, add a one-hour guard service to the cart three times (total of $30). If you wish to be a prisoner for three days, add a one-day guard service to the cart three times (total of $150).

House arrest/prison can be used also as a punishment if you fail to fulfill your obligations as a slave.

This can be done on any suitable place instead of your home. Hotel room, cottage, outdoors etc.

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