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Reveal Your Slave Fantasy for Goddess


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All slaves and paypigs have fantasies. A few have someone to who they can reveal their fantasy. Now you have a unique opportunity to write your fantasy and send it to the Domina Juliabi. I will read it through and may comment on it. Of course, you will use the time to write the fantasy carefully, so it will be a pleasure to read.

The topic can be almost about anything, so I leave it up to you, but sure the theme must be about submission and domination. In the fictional story, you are the slave under my strict control. You will write about your desires, what happens, how you will be dominated, maybe humiliated, how you feel, and how strict and merciless I’m.

The story can be 100% fictional or you may write about chastity slavery, home arrest, financial domination, etc. topics, in which case we can make your dreams come true. So, be careful what you write!

Of course, it may feel humiliating honest to tell your deepest desires, but I love to read those. I will keep your desires 100% confidential unless you choose the publishing option. In a such case, I will publish your writing. Does that sound good? Now, it’s time to put your fantasy on paper, and send it to your Dominatrix!

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