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Crypto Findom Tribute Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes
tribute cryptos guide findom

Findom Goddess Juliabi demands money slaves and paypigs tribute in cryptos. Using the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) is so simple that even slaves can do it.

  • There are no middlemen in transactions.
  •  Transaction fees are very low compared to credit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Onlyfans, Patreon, etc. services.
  •  It’s an anonymous transaction.
  •  It’s a nearly instant transaction.
  •  It’s an un-reversible transaction (i.e., when the slave does it, it’s done, you can’t charge back, etc.)

If the paypig understands how to operate a smartphone or a laptop, he can buy and send ETH, one of the most popular and widely utilized cryptos.

There is nothing complicated about it. Simply download the MetaMask wallet, use it to purchase ETH through a credit card or bank transfer, then send ETH to your Mistress.

ETH payments are completely anonymous. When you buy ETH with a credit card or bank transfer, the Payment Provider receives your information; however, once you have purchased ETH and use cryptos, no one knows who you are. A slave can stay nameless while still sending Tributes to the Mistress.

If the slave does not yet understand how to utilize Metamask and ETH, the first step to take is to learn it RIGHT NOW! To make it very clear, that is the ORDER. Do that, and don’t complain that you don’t know how to do it. Instructions are here.

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The basic instructions and video are provided below. If needed, you can seek assistance from the Goddess. I’ve helped many money slaves get started with cryptocurrency – and, of course, cash-r*ped their wallets! After all, that’s what’s going to happen!

1 – Download MetaMask Mobile or desktop

Go to the App StoreGoogle Play, or the MetaMask website to download MetaMask.

Download and install the app.

  1. After installing MetaMask, set up your wallet. If you are creating a new wallet, click “create a wallet”.
  2. You will be prompted to create a password.Y
  3. ou need to create & save your SECRET seed phrase
  4. Well done! The paypig is ready to buy/receive/send cryptos!

2 – Buy ETH with Fiat ($ € £)

The quickest way to buy ETH (Ethereum cryptocurrency) is to press “Buy ETH” on the home screen of the MetaMask wallet. You can pay with Credit Cards (Visa & Master) and bank transfers (ACH in USA and SEPA in Europe) or even with PayPal.

  1. Head to your wallet homepage
  2. Click Buy ETH. 
  3. You may purchase ETH with Apple Pay (US only), a credit card, or a bank transfer. MetaMask uses Transak or Whyre etc., Payment Provider to convert fiat currency into ETH.

Now as slave has bought some ETH, slave can send the to the Goddess!

For easy to understand info visit: how to buy crypto with Metamask.

3 – Send ETH anonymously

  1. Open the MetaMask app
  2. Select “send” 
  3. Scan my QR code from the checkout page, or paste my wallet address from the same page or click MetaMask or Trustwallet buttons to pay.
  4. Complete the transaction!
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You will be charged a gas fee to send, so be sure to have extra ETH in your account. The cost of gas is variable depending on the usage of the Ethereum network. You can check Etherscan’s Gas Station to see the average price.

The sender’s wallet address is the only information Queen receives with the transaction, i.e., you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Click here for additional information on how to buy and send ETH with Metamask.

Other cryptocurrencies are also accepted!

Slaves can pay for practically any cryptocurrency on my website, in addition to ETH. The Goddess takes ETH, Bitcoin, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies. However, if you are new to cryptos, I recommend starting and sticking with ETH (Ethereum) because Metamask is so handy!

Test how it works! Do it right now! Tribute now! That’s the order!

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