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What findom relationship means and how to find a Findom?

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Many men find the idea of being dominated by a powerful woman to be incredibly arousing. If you’re one of these men, then you may be wondering how you can find a “Findom” (Financial Dominatrix) who is seeking a submissive paypig and/or money slave.

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What Findom relationship means?

A Findom is a Female Led Relationship in which the woman controls the finances. In a traditional relationship, the man would be the one in control of the finances, but in a Findom relationship, the woman is the one who decides how the money is spent.

The woman may decide to give her pay pig an allowance, or she may choose to control all of his finances. She may also require him to give her money when she asks for it, or she may set up a monthly budget that he must follow.

Some women and findoms enjoy having this control over their partner’s finances because it gives them a sense of power and control.

Others may find that this arrangement causes tension and arguments, as the man may feel like he is being taken advantage of or controlled. It is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your needs and expectations in order to avoid conflict.

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If you are considering entering into a Findom relationship, it is important to discuss your needs and expectations with your partner or findom beforehand. You should also be sure that you both are comfortable with the level of control that findom will have over pay pigs or partner’s finances.

What are the forms of financial domination in findom relationship?

There are many different forms of financial domination that can occur in a findom relationship.

Tributes and gifts

The most common form is when the dominant partner, i.e. findom requires their submissive, i.e. pay pig or money slave to give them money on a regular basis, either through gifts, tributes or allowances.

Control of finances

Other forms of financial domination can include the dominant partner taking control of all of their submissive’s finances, or even demanding expensive gifts or items.

The dominant partner may also require their submissive to hand over control of all their finances, including credit cards, bank accounts, and investments. This gives the dominant complete control over how their submissive spends their money. Of course this level of control requires full trust between findom and paypig.


Some Findoms also enjoy humiliating their submissives by making them beg for money or perform tasks in exchange for financial rewards.

For some dominants, financial domination is about more than just controlling their submissive’s money. They may also enjoy humiliating and degrading their submissive by making them beg for money or perform tasks in exchange for financial rewards. This can be a way for the dominant to assert their power and control over their submissive.

Whatever form it takes, financial domination is a way for the dominant partner to gain either partial or even complete control over their submissive’s finances and spending.

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Giving percentage of income

Another common form of financial domination is when the dominant partner requires their submissive to give them a percentage of their income. This can be done through gifts, allowances, or even taking a cut out of their paychecks.

Financial domination can be a complex and intimate form of power exchange between two consenting adults. It can be a way for the dominant partner to gain complete control over their submissive’s finances, or it can be a way for the dominant to humiliate and degrade their submissive. Whatever form it takes, financial domination is always an important part of any findom relationships.

Here are some tips to find the Findom

Cash apps are used to pay tributes

Look online

There are many websites and forums dedicated to BDSM and kink, and there are bound to be some Findoms lurking about on them. Do a search for “Findom” or “Financial Dominatrix” on your favorite BDSM forum or website, and see what comes up.

Ask around

If you know anyone else who is into BDSM or kink, ask them if they know of any Findoms who are looking for subs. Chances are, they may know someone who knows someone.

Post ads on kink sites

Put out a call for submissives on your own. You can do this by posting an ad on a BDSM website or forum, or even on a general classifieds site like Craigslist. Just be clear about what you’re looking for (i.e., a Findom who is seeking a submissive), and you should get some responses from interested parties.

You can try find findoms for example from the following fetish dating sites:

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Attend BDSM events and parties

There are often “munches” (BDSM meetups) happening in most major cities, and these can be great places to meet potential Findoms. Additionally, many BDSM clubs and dungeons hold regular events that are open to the public, and these can also be great places to find a Findom.

Be patient

It may take some time and effort to find a real & unique Findom who is seeking a submissive paypig, money slave and/or human ATM, but it will be well worth it when you finally do find someone who meets your needs and desires. Happy hunting!

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As you may have already noticed, the author of this blog enjoys all kinds of fetishes and is also a Findom. However, I’m not an easy case like many “Twitter Findoms“. I’m not selling my body or soul by providing photos or videos of my Goddess’ body.

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